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When pursuing my BA in Studio Art I spent my studio time Welding, Forging, helping with Iron Pours for sculpture projects and throwing pottery on the wheel. I loved the collaborative environment and being able to combine science and art in the creative process. During college I travelled the world for a volunteer opportunity, taking photographs along the way. I used those photographs in my drawing, painting and printmaking projects. All of the photographs on this website are my own. 


As part of my undergraduate degree I completed an Education program with the intent of becoming a Fine Arts Teacher. I was blessed to be able to teach Music and Art to Kindergarten through sixth grade students for seven wonderful school years. I enjoyed fostering critical and creative thinking strategies and watching their love of the arts grow each year. I also had the great privilege of leading an honors choir of beautiful young voices. We sang at our school, at the school board meetings, and at many community events like the Anti-Bullying Rally.

IT Professional

I decided to make a career change and pursued a Master of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Data Analytics from Southern New Hampshire University. I completed my coursework in December of 2021. I have taken the long road to finally realizing my passion for all things technology-related. My interest in Data Analysis and Technology in education actually came from participating in my school's Leadership Team when I was an educator. Technology integration has become essential in modern classrooms and Data Analysis drives decision making in not only the Public School System, but throughout the business world. I enjoy using my skills in the Python and R programming languages to apply statistical models to data sets to find meaningful business insights. I am also passionate about physically working with computers and networking infrastructures. I believe that the correct use of data can help improve educational practices.

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